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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Arthur Dobbs to Henry Fox, Baron Holland of Foxley
Dobbs, Arthur, 1689-1765
October 30, 1756
Volume 05, Page 638

-------------------- page 638 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Am: & W. Ind: Vol. 70.]
Letter from Governor Dobbs.

New Bern, 30th October, 1756.

Sir, [Secretary Fox]

I have the honour of yours of the 18th of June with his Majesty's commands in case any French Prisoners are set on shore from his Majesty's Ships to treat them in the same Manner as was practised last War, or in such Manner as may most conduce to his Majesty's Service which I shall punctually obey.

I herewith transmit to you the Addresses of the Council and Assembly of this province to his Majesty, that he will be graciously pleased to allow some soldiers to garrison the Fort and Batteries that We have erected, and to allow them Artillery and Ordnance Stores proportional, the Number of Cannon I have particularly described to Lord Loudoun, and also their Resolutions to provide the Garrisons with Provisions as is done in other Provinces, which be pleased to lay before his Majesty. The Assembly being in great Apprehension for their frontiers upon the Loss of Oswego, and from the French tampering with the Cherokees have raised and applied £4000 to erect a fort to protect and secure the Catawbas, and to maintain two companies to garrison that and another fort built last summer upon the frontier.

I am with great Regard Sir, &c.,