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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Michael Smith to Philip Bearcroft
Smith, Michael, b. 1698
September 02, 1758
Volume 05, Pages 961-962

[From North Carolina Letter Book of S. P. G.]
Mr. Smith to the Secretary.

No Carolina, Sept. 2, 1758.

Revd Sir,

My last informed you of a devision of the County of Johnston into 2 Parishes, which had liked to have prevented their providing a Glebe, the new vestry would have declin'd it, as the expence must have been double occasioned 1 half of the inhabitants being made a distinct Parish, but I have got over that difficulty by the assistance and advice of a worthy Parishioner, who made me call the vestry together and give them notice that I would leave them and go into the other parish: this had the desired effect, for tho' they seemed to acquiesce, and gave me a Bene Placessit which I have here inclosed, they met together the week after sent for me & engaged to pay for a Glebe, till they could procure a convenient one for me.

My Communicants increase and I have the pleasure to see the anabaptist decline very fast, notwithstanding the difficulty of removing prejudice. I find that these preachers have been of great service to me in my office, for many of the back settlers who were in a manner totally ignorant

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of the Christian religion & overrun with sensuality have been roused from their treacherous slumbers, brought to a serious way of thinking, & from hearing Enthusiastical incoherent barangues have been prepared for more solid & rational discourses. 2 of these joined themselves to the Established on the 25th of June last, after one of these preachers had prepared them for dipping, and they are now constant attendants & behave with great decency and devotion at divine service, with God's assistance (I am persuaded) I shall answer the end of the Society in placing me in a part of the world where Clergymen are greatly wanted. I have drawn for £12 10s due the 1st of Sept in Favor of Mr. Willm Sitgraves & am with all due distance,

Revd Sir Your most obdt & most humble Servt