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Minutes of the Board of Trade of Great Britain
Great Britain. Board of Trade
June 26, 1765 - December 24, 1765
Volume 07, Pages 146-148

[B. P. R. O. Journals. B. T. Vol. 73.]

At a Meeting of His Majesty's Comrs for Trade and Plantations

[P. 188.]

Monday June 1765
Earl of Hillsborough
Mr Jenyns
Mr Bacon
Lord Orwell
Mr Gascoyne.

Read a letter from Wm. Tryon Esq. Lieut Governor of North Carolina to the Board dated April 1st 1765 informing their Lordps of the death of Gov. Dobbs and of his taking upon him the administration of affairs and recommending New Bern as the properest place for carrying on public business.

A letter to the Earl of Halifax acquainting him with Gov. Dobbs' death was signed

-------------------- page 147 --------------------
[P. 199.]

Wednesday June 26th 1765

Read a letter from the Earl of Halifax to the Board dated June 26th 1765 notifying the appointment of William Tryon Esq to be Governor of North Carolina and signifying the King's pleasure that Draughts of a Commission and Instructions be prepared.

The Draught of a Commission appointing William Tryon Esq. Governor of North Carolina having been prepared accordingly was agreed and Representation thereon to His Majesty was signed.

[P. 249.]

Thursday Sept. 12th 1765

The Draughts of Letters to the Governors of North & South Carolina containing directions in respect to the provision to be made for defraying the expence of the survey of the Catawba Lands having been prepared pursuant to order were approved, transcribed and signed.

[P. 291.]

Thursday. October 10th 1765

Read a letter from Gov. Tryon to the Board dated June 24th 1765 relative to a duel between Lieut. Whitehurst and Alexander Simpson, Master, both of His Maj. Sloop the Viper.

Copy of sundry papers relative to the murder of Mr Whitehurst

Copy of a letter from Capt. Phipps to Gov. Tryon dated April 8, 1765 and of the Govr's Answer dated April 9.

Ordered that copies of the said letter and of the papers therein referred to be transmitted to the Lords Commissrs of the Admiralty as relating to the conduct of two Officers of His Maj. Navy

[P. 323.]

Tuesday. November 12th 1765

Read a letter from Gov. Tryon to the Board dated August 12th 1765 relative to the Acts lately passed there and to the proceedings of the Assembly also inclosing the following papers, Viz:—

Minutes of Council in Assembly from 3rd to 18th May 1765.

Journals of the Lower House of Assembly from 3d to 18th May 1765

Four Acts passed in May 1765.

Ordered that a copy be made of the Act for making provision for an Orthodox Clergy for the Lord Bishop of London who said he would consider the same and favour the Board with his Observations

-------------------- page 148 --------------------
upon it and also with his opinion as to the proper form and method of induction of Ministers to vacant cures in North Carolina.

Their Lordships then took into consideration the other parts of the letter from Gov. Tryon and made some progress therein.

[P. 343.]

Thursday. November 28th 1765

Their Lordships took into further consideration a letter from the Govr of North Carolina mentioned in the Minutes of the 12th inst. and the Draught of an Answer thereto having been prepared was agreed to and ordered to be transcribed—[p. 347.] and was signed Nov. 29th

[P. 389.]

Tuesday. December 24th 1765

The Draughts of General Instructions and of those for the observance of the Acts of Parliament relative to the Plantation trade having been prepared for the Governor of North Carolina pursuant to Order were approved and ordered to be transcribed a Representation to His Majesty thereupon was signed.