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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Constantine Phipps to William Tryon
Mulgrave, Constantine John Phipps, Baron, 1744-1792
February 1766
Volume 07, Page 180

-------------------- page 180 --------------------


I have received Your Excellency's Favor and am much concerned at the Uneasiness this Accident will have given you & fear Mrs Tryons Health will be injured by this Alarm. I have been disappointed in two Attempts to see Your Excellency tonight one very early, t'other late. I had immediately upon hearing two Hundred Men were gone down sent Lieut: Calder with five Men and Spikes for the Guns if Capt Dalrymple thought them necessary and to give them any other Assistance that was necessary. I believe they were down in time. I hope if this gets safe Your Excellency will let me know it by showing a light on each of the Middle Windows above Stairs, if I see that Signal I will inform Your Excellency of the Success of my Boat by haling down the Pennant at Sunrise or soon after. Capt Lobb received a Deputation to desire he would come on Shore which he refused.

Your Excellency's most &c
To His Excellency Governor Tryon &c &c &c