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Letter from Moses John De Rosset to William Tryon
De Rosset, Moses John, 1726-1767
February 28, 1766
Volume 07, Pages 185-186

Wilmington 28th February 1766


Your Excellency's letter dated the 24th inst came to my hands yesterday noon, and after consulting the Aldermen upon the contents of it I find Capt Lobb has been misinformed in regard to the

-------------------- page 186 --------------------
contractor's boat with provisions for his Majesty's ship being stopt. I shall therefore take the liberty to relate to your Excellency the facts as they really happened.

Upon the gentlemen of the town and country round having received information that Capt Lobb had seized several vessels coming into this river for want of stamped papers notwithstanding their producing certificates from the several officers of the customs that no stamped papers were to be had at the port from whence they came, an agreement was entered into not to supply his Majesty's ships with any more provisions unless the particular restrictions on this Port were taken off, and in consequence of that agreement no person would supply the Contractor with any, so that your Excellency will find no provisions were on board the boat. As to the boatmen being put in goal it was done by the people who had collected themselves together to procure a redress of their grievances, and to prevent their going down, and not only they but every other person going to Brunswick was stopped.

Since the accommodation of matters with the Commanding Officers of the King's ships, your Excellency has no doubt been informed that a supply of provisions has been sent them, and your Excellency may be assured of the best endeavours of this Corporation to forward his Majesty's service. At the same time they can't help expressing their concern that your Excellency should on every occasion, lay the whole blame of every transaction relative to the opposition made to the Stamp Act on this Borough when it is so well known the whole country has been equally concerned in it.

I am further instructed by the Corporation to assure your Excellency that his Majesty has not a sett of more loyal subjects in any part of his dominions than the inhabitants of this borough.

I am with the greatest respect, Sir, &c