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Letter from George Price to John Stuart [Extract]
Price, George
May 07, 1766
Volume 07, Page 207

-------------------- page 207 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. A. & W. I. Vol. 269.]
Extract of a letter from Ensign George Price dated at Fort Prince George 7th May 1766.

My last was dated 27th April, and I sent it by the way of Augusta, since that time every Trader's mouth, that I have seen from the Overhills has been filled with nothing but stories of the insolence of the indians.

George Parks and one Bowie arrived here the 3rd and 4th and they both agree in their accounts that the great Warrior was near killing one Mr Savage, a brother of John Savage Esqre, at Ninety Six; that the rogue Mankiller of Setties was prevented from killing another Person, that they met a party of Cherokees and Creeks as they were coming down, going to Chote, with a white man's scalp tied to a war club but that it was the opinion of everyone, that Boyd of Virginia, the gentleman mentioned in my last, passed by safe; the Traders all of them seem to think the Cherokees would have murdered every man of them at one time this spring, if the Norwards had not fallen on them when they did, & must inform you that the Cherokees accuse us of having set them on. I wrote yesterday to the great Warrior to come down, that if the Creeks intend doing any mischief, I may get it out of him, as I am told there are constantly Messengers going between him & the Mortar and that the Creeks are pouring very fast into this Nation.