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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Address by the town of Wilmington to William Tryon, including Tryon's answer
De Rosset, Moses John, 1726-1767; Tryon, William, 1729-1788
June 26, 1766
Volume 07, Pages 222-223

[B. P. R. O. America & W. Indies. Vol. 214.]

North Carolina.

To His Excellency Willim Tryon Esqre Captain General, Governor, and Commander in Chief in and over the Province of North Carolina & Ca

The Address of the Corporation of Wilmington.


We his Majesty's most dutifull and Loyal Subjects the Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen and Freeholders of the Borough of Wilmington beg leave to congratulte your Excellency on the Repeal of the American Stamp Act, and on the happy prospect of the union and Harmony thereby established between the Colonies and their Mother Country.

Permit us also to express our most gratefull acknowledgements to the Supreme Legislature of great Britain for their care and attention in Protecting the Inhabitants of his Majesty's extensive American Dominions in the enjoyment of that inestimable blessing Liberty, and at the same time releasing them from a Burthen they were unable to bear.

With hearts full of Gratitude to the best of Kings we assure your Excellency that we shall be ready at all times to defend and protect

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His Majesty's Person and Government, and to Evince our inviolable attachment to his Illustrious House at the risque of our Lives and Fortunes.—We cannot help expressing our Concern at the many misrepresentations, that have been made to your Excellency of the transactions of the Inhabitants of this Borough & several of the adjacent Counties. Since the time of the Stamp Act's taking place, permit us to assure you, Sir, that it ever has been our constant endeavor, as far as our influence extended, to promote the ease and happiness of your Excellency's Administration.


Borough of Wilmington 26th June 1766.

His Excellency's Answer.

To the Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen, and Freeholders of the Borough of Wilmington.


It is with satisfaction I receive your Congratulations on the Repeal of the Act of Parliament Granting certain Stamp Duties in America.

The grateful acknowledgements you express to the Supreme Legislature of Great Britain for their care and attention to the Liberties of the Inhabitants of His Majesty's American Dominions, and also your affectionate and Inviolable Attachment to His Majesty's Sacred Person, Family and Government, as they are extremely Gratefull to me, I shall with a sensible pleasure transmit those warm sentiments of Respectfull Gratitude and Duty to his Majesty's Principal Secretary of State.

I trust that the Moderation and unparalleled Lenity, so remarkably Manifested by his Majesty and the Parliament to the Colonies, will dipose the Inhabitants of this Province to that chearfull obedience to the Legislative Authority of Great Britain, on which their future Prosperity so much depends. Such a Conduct will prove the strongest Cement for the most firm and happy Union between the Mother Country & her Colonies.

I Profess, Gentlemen, I am at a loss to answer that part of your Address, wherein you Mention Misrepresentations having been made to me of the Conduct of the Inhabitants of the Borough of Wilmington. I declare what Impression I have conceived of them arose from a Behavior, that came immediately under my own Observation.

Brunswick 26th June 1766.