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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Alexander Stewart to Daniel Burton
Stewart, Alexander, 1725-1772
October 07, 1766
Volume 07, Pages 263-264

[N. C. Letter Book S. P. G.]
Letter from Mr Stuart to the Secretary

Bacon Island Road Octr 7, 1766

Reverend Sir.

Blessed be God for it since my last in April I am much recovered from my indisposition and tho' I cannot say I am well (or that I ever shall) yet for these three months past I have been able to do my duty tho' it has often been upon Crutches and tho' not yet able to ride, yet by the assistance of a Chair or a boat make a tolerable shift to get about. I have baptized in St. Thomas's Parish, since I have been able to go abroad 96 white and 17 black Children and in Pitt County in one day 124 white and black children I have been

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here and at the little Town of Portsmouth—Inlett a few days for the bathing in the salt water and have baptized twenty seven children from the different Islands round me and trust in God if the return of the Winter does not bring on the Rheumatism that for some time longer I may be useful in my station and most gratefully acknowledge the goodness of the Society in honoring my drafts, for without their assistance I must have sunk much more of my little Interest than I ever have done the Vestry of my parish having been so ungenerous that for the whole time of my sickness they would not allow me One Penny Salary and tho' the law would I imagine have supported my Cause. yet I chuse to part with my right rather than make use of the disagreeable remedy the suing my parishioners.

As my circumstances are such that they will not allow me to leave the Country and without the societys assistance I cannot live in it I must hope if it please God again to afflict me that this Bounty will not be withdrawn which will ever be acknowledged by Reverend Sir their ever dutiful and your most obedt servt