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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the Board of Trade of Great Britain
Great Britain. Board of Trade
August 09, 1766 - November 06, 1766
Volume 07, Pages 289-291

[B. P. R. O. Journals B. T. Vol. 74.]

At a Meeting of His Maj. Commrs for Trade and Plantations
Saturday August 9 1766.
Mr Eliot
Mr Roberts
Mr Fitzherbert.
Lord Palmerston
[P. 300.]

Several letters and papers received at various times from the Governors of His Maj. Colonies & Plantations were laid before the Board and ordered to be entered on the respective Books to which they appertain.

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[P. 320.]

Letter from William Tryon Esq. Govr of North Carolina dated 27 Janry 1766 relative to the temporary line of partition between that Province & So. Carolina and the line of partition between the lands belonging to the Crown and those marked out for Earl Granville & including Five plans respecting the said Lines.

Letter from Govr Tryon dated 1 Feb 1766 relative to Mr Simpson's trial the seizure & condemnation of two Vessels, calling a New Assembly, Chief Justice Berry's death, state of the Council and the Stamp Act.

Letter from Govr Tryon dated April 30, 1766 relative to Mr Wyley's Survey of the Catawba lands and the Forts in that Province

Letter from Govr Tryon dated 30 April 1766 relative to the conduct of Chief Justice Hasell & Judge Moore, the trade of the Province, prorogation of the Assembly and clearance of ships without stamped paper.

Letter from Mr Houston to Govr Tryon April 21, 1766 respecting his Commission of Distributor of stamps

Letter from Mr Hughes Commr of the Dock Yard at Portsmouth to Govr Tryon dated 27th April 1765 concerning some fine plank sent to him by the Govr

Minutes of Council from 3 April 1765 to 26 Feb. 1766—also from 7 April to 28 Nov. 1764 Journal of the Up. House of Assembly in Nov. 1764 and of the Lower House in Nov. 1764

Letter from Govr Tryon dated 6 May 1766 relative to the behaviour of Col. Thos. Lloyd who was recommended by the Govr to be of the Council

Letter from Phil. Stephens Esq. Secry to the Lords of the Admiralty to Mr Pownall dated 21 April 1766 acquainting him that Mr Simpson had surrendered himself to Govr Tryon & had been tried & acquitted.

Letter from the Bishop of London to the Board dated 1 March 1766 containing his opinion relative to an Act for the establishment of an Orthodox clergy in North Carolina.

Thursday November 6th 1766
Earl of Hillsborough
Mr Roberts
Mr Fitzherbert.
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The Secretary laid before the Board several letters and papers (the titles of which are as follow) received from the Governors and other Chief Officers in His Maj. Colonies and elsewhere since the adjournment of the Board on 3rd Sept. and the said letters & papers having been read, it was ordered that copies of several of them not appearing to be duplicates of what may have been transmitted to the Secretary of State should be made to be communicated to the Earl of Shelburne and that the Secretary should transmit such copies to his Lordship's Secretary for that purpose

[P. 392.]

Letter from Govr Tryon dated 1st Aug. 1766 relative to the present state of defence of that Province

Return of the Garrison of Fort Johnston 26th April 1766

Return of Artillery stores & ammunition at Fort Johnston 26th Ap. 1766

Return of the Arms & Accoutrements at Fort Johnston 36th Ap. 1766.

Letter from Gov. Tryon dated 2d Aug 1766 concerning the receipt of his instructions, scarcity of corn, state of the Council and persons proper to supply vacancies, temper of the people, increase of settlements—removal of some of the Tuscaroras and Capt. Dalrymple's death.

Copy of an Address of the Corporation of Wilmington to the Govr on the repeal of the Stamp Act & of the Govr's Answer

Copy of a letter from the Mayor &c. of Wilmington to the Governor and the Govr's Answer.

Minutes of Council 28th June 1766

Letter from Govr Tryon dated 2d Aug. 1766 transmitting

Account of Patents granted for Lands during his administration