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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from William Petty, Marquis of Lansdowne to William Tryon
Lansdowne, William Petty, Marquis of, 1737-1805
February 19, 1767
Volume 07, Pages 438-439

[B. P. R. O. Am. & West Ind. Vol. 214.]
Letter from Earl of Shelburne to Governor Tryon

Whitehall Febry 19th 1767.


The violences committed several Months ago by the back Settlers

-------------------- page 439 --------------------
of Virginia and North Carolina, particularly the former, against the Indians were very displeasing to the King; and his Majesty has been more highly displeased to hear that actual Hostilities have been commenced against the Creeks in the Province of West Florida; seeing that the Prosperity of the american Colonies, particularly their back Counties, depends so much on cultivating the Friendship of the Indian Tribes; it is unaccountable that the Inhabitants of the back Settlements can be so blind to their own Interest, as not to seize every opportunity of conciliating the affections of these People; but while the Indian Traders alarm their Minds with Fears of Exterpation on the one Hand, and the Colonists commit repeated outrages against them on the other, it could not be matter of surprise, if they behaved much worse than they do.

The most positive Orders are sent to Lieut Governor Browne, who succeeds Governor Johnstone in West Florida till another Governor can be sent out, to put an immediate Stop to all Hostilities against the Indians, and to change the Policy regarding them as quickly as a proper Regard and appearance of Consistency will allow. The Superintendt of Indian Affairs, and the Governors of the different Provinces are written to upon the same subject: and His Majesty confiding in the Prudence and vigilance of these officers, trusts and requires, that each will act to the utmost of his abilities in restoring Peace and Concord, and in healing all Differences between the Indians in general, and His No American Subjects,

The Situation of Fort Johnson will be taken into consideration: Mr Murray who was left out of the Council by an omission in your Instructions, has been restored to his seat in consequence of your Letter of 2d August, to the Board of Trade.

I am &ca