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Letter from William Tryon to William Petty, Marquis of Lansdowne
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
July 14, 1767
Volume 07, Page 508

-------------------- page 508 --------------------
[From Tryon's Letter Book.]
Letter from Governor Tryon to Earl Shelburne.

No 7.

Brunswick 14th July 1767

Mr Rutherford waited on me at Brunswick the ninth instant on his return from running the dividing line between this province and the Cherokees. The several papers he delivered me I have the honor to inclose to your Lordship, with a testimonial affixed to them, and the seal of the province annexed.

The Commissioners appear to have exerted themselves in the execution of this service. Mr Rutherford told me that some of the head springs of the western waters that lead into the Mississippi were not more than three or four miles to the westward of where the line stopt, on a mountain of the blue ridge, which they named Tryon mountain, alluding perhaps to the province's expectations of stretching hereafter further to the westward.

The Cherokees while I was with [them] honored me with the name of Ohaiah Equah, or Great Woolfe, a name the Commissioners made familiar to them, in their talks to the indians.

I called a Council the eleventh, and by the minutes of the same which accompanies these dispatches, your Lordship will see the proclamations that were issued in conformity to his Majestys instructions and to notify the settlement and ratification of the above line.

There are some other boundaries that much want to be ascertained between this and the neighbouring colonies, but these shall be treated of in a future statement

I have the honor &c