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Letter from William Tryon to William Petty, Marquis of Lansdowne
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
December 12, 1767
Volume 07, Page 531

[From Tryon's Letter Book.]
Letter from Governor Tryon to Earl Shelburne.

Newbern 12th Dec 1767.

I was made very happy by the receipt of the original and duplicate of your Lordships letter No 4, dated the 20th of June last informing me of his Majestys approbation of the plan of the house constructing at Newbern for the governor for the time being and also of his most gracious acceptance of the panther.

I hope to be informed in what manner his Majesty received the Address of the Council and Assembly of this province sent home last winter, as many here have been curious of hearing [whether it] met with a gracious welcome.

The General Assembly opened last monday, at present it shews a prospect of a favorable issue, as may be seen by the speech and addresses inclosed.

I am my Lord &c.