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Letter from William Tryon to William Petty, Marquis of Lansdowne
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
December 22, 1767
Volume 07, Page 535

[From Tryon's Letter Book.]
Letter from Governor Tryon to Earl Shelburne.

Newberne 22d Dec 1767.

I have the honor to inform your Lordship Mr Gabriel Cathcart, Collector of his Majesty's Customs for the port of Beaufort in this province died the 10th of November last and that I have appointed Mr John Hawks (superintendant of the construction of the Governor's house for this province) to do the duty of Collector of that port till his Majesty's pleasure shall be further known.

I request, my Lord, that Mr Robert Palmer (a gentleman of worth and character, and the present Collector of Port Bath) may be removed to port Beaufort in the room of Mr Cathcart both on account of the greater conveniency of his attending the public business at Newbern, he being a member of his Majesty's Council of this colony and his services to the crown meriting this promotion.

If my recommendation in my letter to your Lordship (No. 4) the 7th of July 1767, for the establishment of a Comptroller for the port of Beaufort does not meet with the success the expediency of such an officer points out; or if established and Mr Hawks is not the officer appointed to that office, I extremely wish he may succeed Mr Palmer in the Collector of Bath port, on Mr Palmer's succeeding to the port of Beaufort.

I am, my Lord, &c