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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Wills Hill, Marquis of Downshire to William Tryon
Downshire, Wills Hill, Marquis of, 1718-1793
June 11, 1768
Volume 07, Pages 788-789

[B. P. R. O. Am. & W. Indies. Vol. 215.]
Earl Hillsborough to the Governor of North Carolina.

Whitehall June 11th 1768.


In answer to that Part of your Letter No 24 which relates to Mr Crawford's Resignation of his Seat in the Assembly, I have only to inform you, that there is no Precedent of a Member resigning his seat in Parliament; and as the Usages and Precedents of the House of Commons are the Rules adopted by the Assembly of North Carolina, the House appears to have been mistaken in accepting the Resignation of Mr Crawford, and your forbearing to issue a Writ for a new Election till you could receive Instructions from Home was well judged. You will therefore set the House right with regard to this point, so as to prevent anything of a like Nature for the future.

His Majesty is much pleased that you have so good Reason to be satisfied with the Regularity and Harmony, that have prevailed in every other transaction in the Assembly; and makes no Doubt of the Continuance of these Dispositions under the Encouragement of your prudent and commendable Conduct.

The Accounts of the Expenses in running the Western Frontier Line of your Province are, I presume, perfectly right and reasonable, as You make no Observations upon them, But altho' You might have much Amusement and Satisfaction in the Tour You made upon that Occasion both from the Gratification of your Curiosity and of your public Spirit and Humanity, in observing the Happiness of an increasing and industrious Body of Inhabitants, I cannot but think your Generosity went too far in bearing your own Expenses, when employed in the Service of the Public.

As I have already said, The King is entirely satisfied with the Behaviour of the Council and Assembly, so dutiful towards His Majesty and so attentive to the true Interests of the Colony; it is therefore with Concern that His Majesty sees the strong Desire they

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still entertain to introduce again the pernicious Medium of a Paper Currency with a legal Tender, with regard to which I have wrote more fully to You in my Letter No. 7. In general however I have it in Command from His Majesty to assure You, that the Colony of North Carolina will, by a Continuance of their present Conduct, recommend themselves to His Majesty's Royal Favour, and will experience upon all occasions a peculiar share of His most gracious Countenance & Protection.

Your Letter No 25, in the farther Commendation of the Conduct of the Council, is perfectly agreeable to The King.

It is with Pleasure that I conclude my Letter with assuring You, that your conduct in your Government is entirely approved by His Majesty.

I am &c.a