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Letter from John Barnett to Daniel Burton
Barnett, John
June 11, 1768
Volume 07, Pages 789-790

[From N. C. Letter Book S. P G.]
Mr. Barnett to the Secretary

Brunswick 11th June 1768.

Reverend Sir,

In my last I informed the Society I apprehended great delay in the finishing the New Church; but I now have the pleasure of acquainting the Venerable Board of its now being so nearly completed as with great decency to admit of the performance of Divine worship in it.

On Whit Tuesday I dedicated St Philip's Church with the assistance of the Reverend Mr. Wills of Wilmington.

Being wholly unacquainted with a proper form or mode of Dedication, I wrote to several Clergymen for their advice; but not one could give the least information.

I then drew up a form, which was approved of by His Excellency and the council, and indeed gave an universal satisfaction.

By the next Ship to London, I shall send a copy of the Form, and shall be happy if it is favored with the approbation of the Venerable Society or the Bishop of London.

The people of this Parish do still so violently oppose the presentation of the Crown to the Living, that I believe it will be found necessary for me to remove to another part of the province as my setthing here, contrary to the inclination of the people, must render

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my situation very disagreeable, and also prevent my being any longer useful here.

His Excellency our very worthy Governor has postponed the presentation for six months from Easter last, at the expiration of which time, if the people of Brunswick continue refractory, I am invited, and also by the Governor appointed to visit some of the Back Counties, where there are not any clergy, several parishes having petitioned His Excellency for Ministers particularly Granville and Northampton both of which have also sent invitations to me.

Permit me Sir to assure the Venerable Board that the people are so desirous of my stay with them on the usual terms, of an annual re-election as I have been informed, to be willing to make some addition to the former Salary, but this my inclination as well as my duty prevents my aquiescence with.

If I should be obliged to leave Brunswick I humbly ask leave to remove to Northampton or Granville counties.

I am the more encouraged to ask this permission as it is agreeable to his Excellency.

I beg the Society will be pleased to order a number of Prayer Books and Bibles to give away as they are very much wanted and none are to be purchased here.—Be pleased Sir to present my Dutiful respects to the Venerable Board. I am Revd Sir.

Yours &c.a