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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Commission to appoint Henry Eustace McCulloh as agent for North Carolina in Great Britain
North Carolina. General Assembly
December 12, 1768
Volume 07, Pages 877-879

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

Henry Eustace McCulloh Esq.

Sir—The House of Assembly of This Province having Taken into Their Consideration the Expediency of appointing an Agent to Represent them in Great Briton, & to Take Charge of, & Transmitt Such Concerns & Business as at This Important Crisis may Occasionally offer, Have Sir, from a Through Knowledge of your abilities and a perfect Reliance on the utmost of your Exertions to Serve Them Conferr'd the Trust Incident to Such an Office on You, and further Appointed us a Select Committe to Hold a Correspondance with you & from Time to Time express The Sense of the People in Respect to aney Transactions which they Conceive may be for their Common benifit or Opperate to Their prejudice.

From the Nature Then of our duty we have to Request in may be the principal and first Object of your Concern to assure his Majesty, Ministers & our fellow Subjects on the other side of The Watter that altho' Imputations of Disloyalty may have been Cast on the Inhabitants of this Province in Common with other Americans, Yet they

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Disclaim every Thing which hath the Least appearance of Such disloyalty, and have the greatest affection for his Majestys most Sacred Person and the most firm and Invincible Attachment to his Government which at any Time they would be Ready to Preserve and defend at the Expence of all that is dear and Valuable to them in Life: But Sir when they Say in The very Sincerity of Their Hearts thus much, They Cannot Reflect on the discontent which Reigns in the minds of his Majesty's faithfull Subjects within This Province without True Emotions of Sorrow; a discontent Principally occasioned by, and arrising from, The Late Imposition of Taxis without The Consent of the people, and the attempt to force them to pay Them which Impositions they Conceive to be Totally Unconstitutional and distructive of the Natural Rights and Privilidges of Mankind before Preserved to Them by the Influence of Salutary and good Laws in the most Sacred manner, and Transmitted to them in the fullest Extent of Purity and Excellence.

They further most Ardently wish and Still hope that The period is not far distant when every kind of discord and distrust Between his Majesty's British and American Subjects shall Vanish and the most Cordial Friendship & Truest Harmony will Take place.

These Sir are the Sentiments of the Good people within this province and as an Effectual Measure to Recommend Themselves to his Majesty's paternal Care they Request They may be by you Communicated to his Majesty, Ministers & British Subjects And That the Inclosed humble and Dutifull Address to His Majesty our most Gracious Sovereign Expressive of Their Thoughts in Respect to the measures pursued Concerning Them and Imploreing his Majesty's most Gracious Care and protection may be by you presented as Soon as possible.

The last Thing Sir which we shall take leave to Recommend to you as the sence of the people and which we doubt not will be Equally pleasing to you as to us, will be on your part a Spirited Co-operation with the Agents of our Sister Colonies and Those who may be disposed to Serve us in Obtaining a Repeal of the Late Act Imposing Internal Taxes on Americans without Their Consent and the Which is Justly Dreaded by Them to be Nothing more than an Introduction to other acts of the same Injurious Tendency and fatel Consequences, and also the act Preventing the Colonies Emitting a

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paper Currency without which Repeal it appears Impossible the Taxes growing due can be paid or this Government Suported.

We are with Great Esteem & Regard Sir
Your most Obt Servants

December 12th 1768.