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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the Board of Trade of Great Britain
Great Britain. Board of Trade
April 04, 1769 - December 06, 1769
Volume 08, Pages 164-167

[B. P. R. O. Journals. B. T. Vol. 77.]
At a Meeting of His Maj. Commrs for Trade & Plantations

Tuesday April 4th 1769
Mr Jenyns,
Mr Roberts
Lord Lisburne

[P. 67.]

Several papers communicated to the Board by the Earl of Hillsborough pursuant to His Maj. Commands were read and considered—Viz: Letter from Gov. Tryon to the Earl of Hillsborough dated Brunswick No. Carolina 10th Janry 1769 containing his observations on sundry Acts passed in North Carolina during the last Session of Assembly

[P. 82.]

Tuesday April 18th 1769

Read a letter from Henry Eustace McCulloh Esq. dated 14th April 1769 desiring in behalf of the Province of North Carolina and of

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the Merchants of the Out Ports of Great Britain to suspend any application of the Merchants of London relative to the proposed regulation upon the importation of pitch tar and turpentine from the Colonies

Ordered that the said letter be taken into consideration when Mr McCulloh shall produce any testimonials of his being authorized to act in this Business either as Agent for the Province of North Carolina or for the Merchants of the Out Ports of Great Britain.

[P. 190.]

Wednesday December 6th 1769

The following letters & papers received from the Earl of Hillsborough's Office were laid before the Board viz:—

[P. 234.]

Letter from Gov. Tryon—No. 7. to the Earl of Hillsborough 25th Oct. 1768 relating to the steps taken to defeat the designs of the Insurgents in the Back Country

Letter from Gov. Tryon—No. 12—to the Earl of Hillsborough 15th Dec. 1768 on the emission of a paper currency the murder of Mr Odgers—support of the Commissrs of the Customs—Mr Crawford's resignation of his seat in the Assembly and the collection of Quit Rents.

Letter from Gov. Tryon—No. 10. to the Earl of Hillsborough 12th Dec. 1768 relative to a division line between North & South Carolina

Extract from Lord Chas. Grenville Montagu's letter to Gov. Tryon 29th Nov. 1768

Copy of a sketch sent by his Lordship to Gov. Tryon

Copy of letter from Gov. Tryon to his Lordship 11th Dec. 1768

Letter from Gov. Tryon—No. 13. to the Earl of Hillsborough 24th Dec. 1768 relative to the cause of the disorders in the Province and the measures taken for restoring tranquility

Letter from Gov. Tryon, No. 14, to the Earl of Hillsborough 26th Dec. 1768 on the pay of the Troops assembled at Hillsborough to preserve the public peace

General Return of the Troops assembled under his Excellency's command 22d Sept. 1768.

An estimate of the charges allowed by the Assembly for paying the Troops &ca at Hillsborough

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Letter from Gov. Tryon to Richard Phelps Esq 15th Dec. 1768 acknowledging the receipt of letters from him

Letter from Gov. Tryon—No. 18—to the Earl of Hillsborough 12th Jany 1769 relative to the House building for the Governor at New Bern and requesting furniture & plate for it from His Majesty

Account of the Chimney piece for the Council Chamber in the Govrs house at New Berne

Letter from Gov. Tryon—No. 19—to the Earl of Hillsborough 15th Jany 1769 transmitting

Minutes of Council 4th June to 21st June 1768, 15th—23rd Dec. 1768 & 28th Nov.—23rd Dec. 1768

Letter from Gov. Tryon—No. 21—to the Earl of Hillsborough 10th Feb. 1769 on the rejection of a resolve of the two Houses of Assembly and on a Bill for the encouragement of an Iron Manufactory

Letter from Gov. Tryon—No. 22—to the Earl of Hillsborough 11th Feb. 1769 containing remarks on a list of Patents.

Land Office Patents granted at Dec. Court of Claims 1768

Minutes of Assembly 7th Nov—5th Dec. 1768

Letter from Gov. Tryon—No. 23—to the Earl of Shelburne 25th Feb. 1769 relative to his not obtaining from the Assembly a provision of powder & lead—to the appointment of an Agent and a petition for a new emission of paper currency

Letter from Gov. Tryon—No. 24—to the Earl of Hillsborough 27th February 1769 transmitting

An account of money paid into the Treasury on the sinking fund & burnt and an estimate of monies emitted from 1754 to 1768.

Letter from Gov. Tryon—No. 25—to the Earl of Hillsborough 31st March 1769 promising not to communicate letters or extracts of letters from the Secretary of State and to follow his Lordship's directions in recommending the nomination of an Agent.

Letter from Gov. Tryon—No. 26—to the Earl of Hillsborough 24th April 1769 on the state of defence of the Province of North Carolina

Return of Artillery & Stores at Fort Johnston 4th Feb. 1769.

Letter from Gov. Tryon—No 27—to the Earl of Hillsborough 25th April 1769 relating to the list of taxables, the disturbances in the Back Country and the weather in North Carolina

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Return of the List of Taxables in North Carolina for the years 1766 & 1767, Observations on the Thermometer in July August & September 1768

Letter from Gov. Tryon—No 30—to the Earl of Hillsborough 31st May 1769 transmitting a list of Patents granted by Gov. Tryon May 1769

Letter from Gov. Tryon—No 31—to the Earl of Hillsborough 27th May 1769 relative to regulations & establishments for the better collections of His Maj. Quit Rent. Scheme proposed by the Govr for the forming of a rent roll and the obtaining of a regular collection of His Maj. Quit rents in the province of No. Carolina. Letter from John Rutherford Receiver Genl of the Quit Rents to Gov. Tryon 19th Jany 1769.

Letter from Benj. Heron Deputy Auditor of No. Carolina to Gov. Tryon 25th Jany 1769.