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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the Hillsborough District Superior Court, including docket
North Carolina. Superior Court (Hillsborough District)
September 22, 1770 - September 24, 1770
Volume 08, Pages 235-240

-------------------- page 235 --------------------
[From Orange County Court Records.]

North Carolina Hillsborough District

At a Superior Court of Justice begun and held for the district aforesaid at the Court house in Hillsborough on Saturday the 22nd day of September, 1770.

The Honorable Richard Henderson, Associate Justice.

Adam Whitsett & Henry Whitsett appeared in open court & took the oaths prescribed by Parliament for Naturalization.

Court adjourned till Monday 10 o'clock.

Monday 24th

Court met pursuant to adjournment,

The Hon'able Richard Henderson, Esq, Associate Justice.

The Court appointed Henry Pendleton Esq, Attorney for the Crown.

Samuel Smith, who was last term fined nisi etc. for not appearing last term as a juror, was heard and excused.

Several persons stiling themselves Regulators assembled together in the Court Yard under the conduct of Harmon Husbands, James Hunter, Rednap Howell, William Butler, Samuel Devinney, & many others insulted some of the Gentlemen of the Bar, & in a violent manner went into the Court house, and forcibly carried out some of the attorneys, and in a cruel manner beat them. They then insisted that the Judge should proceed to the Tryal of their Leaders, who had been indicted at a former Court, and that the Jury should be taken out of their party.

Therefore the Judge finding it impossible to proceed with honor to himself and Justice to his Country, adjourned the Court till tomorrow morning 10 o'clock, and took the advantage of the night & made his escape, and the Court adjourned to Court in Course.

-------------------- page 236 --------------------
Trial Causes to Hillsborough Superior Court, September Term A. D. 1770.1
John McMund vs. William Courtney
2 C F 4
General Issue
Damn'd Rogues
John Childs vs. Richard Thompson
Case 5
Refd &c Vide Mem Book
You keep that to yourselves to rogue everybody
John Williams Esq vs. Robert Mitchel
Case 6
General Issue
Pay costs and be put in the stocks plaintiffs
William Brown vs. John Brown
Detinue 7
General Issue
A shame for name's sake
Edmund Fanning vs. James Bynum
Slander 8
Jury find the defendant Guilty. Assessed £5 damages & 6s cost Motion and Arrest
We were certain of that but no—[torn]
vs. George McGoon
Case 12
Plea to be entered narrative to be filed conditions performed & issue
Another Plea—entered
Benjamin Drummond vs. John Lambert
Slander 13
Plaintiff pays cost
-------------------- page 237 --------------------
W 8 P G
Daniel Williams vs. John Williams
Case 15
General Issue
The Elect pays cost
Peter Noag vs. Edmund Fanning
Appeal 16
App. by Consent
Fanning must pay
Edmund Fanning vs. Abraham Smith
Trover A B.
Judgment by default
Fanning pays costs but loses nothing
11 W
Ezekial Brasfield vs. Phillip—
Case 19
General Issue
Death by the law for
12 Hoo
Isaiah Hogan vs. Hermon Husbands
Case 21
General Issue
Hogan pays & be damned
F 13
Ezekial Brumfield vs. James Ferrel
Slander 22
Not guilty & Justification
Nonsense let them agree for Ferrell has gone Hellward
W 14 N
Michael Wilson vs. David Harris
T. A. B. 23
Plea in abatement filed general Demd Joinder plea over. Not guilty with leave
All Harris's are Rogues
W 15
John Edwards vs. Phillip Edwards
Case 24
Non assumpsit
Damned shame
-------------------- page 238 --------------------
McG 16
Thomas Tramnell vs. William Dunnigan
Case 29
Refd Rule set aside for Trial next Court
Dunnigan pays
McG 17
Same vs.
T. A. B.
Same rule
W 36 F
Thomas James vs. Dennis McCaron
T V A R 22
Not guilty with leave
Agreed for £2 7 stay execution to Inf Court anything for money Fees paid by Johnston & Shackston to Jno Cook
F 55 Mo
Thomas Cain vs. John Pearson
T. V. A. 44
Not guilty with leave. Damned roguery
Mo 56 F
Thomas Richardson vs. Robinson York
Case &c 46
General Issue by mistake. General issue not but Plea of abatement
Plaintiff pays all and gets his body scourged for Blasphemy
F 57 M
Mary Humphries vs. Phillip Jackson Junr
T. A. B. 47
Not Guilty with leave
Judgment by Default
F 59 M
Mary Humphries vs. Phillip Jackson Junr
J. A. B. 52
Not guilty with leave
Judgment by default the money must come to officers
-------------------- page 239 --------------------
W 60 Ho
Hermon Husband vs. Joseph Mattocks
Ex in the hands of Francis Nash and he served a Garnishee. Garnishee sworn saith he has in his hands £54. 4s. 9d. Judgment by default
—Right enough
F 61 Mc
Nathaniel Walton vs. Jeremiah Horton
Ejectment 64
The Defendants common Rule &c not Guilty
F 62 M
Charles Rust Eaton vs. Fernand Laws
Case 65
General issue with leave
Plaintiff pays cost
F 63 Hoo
Robert Reid & Co. vs. Nancy Husbands
Debt 71
Non est factum
Plaintiff pays cost
W 64
Abner Nash vs. John Rooker
Case 74
Judgment by default
Nash gets nothing
M 65 N
Abraham Moore vs. Richard Benjamin Bell
Debt 80
Payment—Replication &c issue
Plaintiff pays cost
M 66 J L
Young Miller & Company vs. Armistides Administrators
Case 81
Non assumpsit and plene administratrit. Replication and issue
Plaintiff pays cost
-------------------- page 240 --------------------
F 67 H
Valentine Braswell vs. Duncan McNeal, Admr. of Hector McNeal
Case 86
Declaration plea to be filed
File it & be darned
F 68
Sales Brown vs. William Lewis
Case 91
Judgment by default
The Man was sick. It tis damned roguery
W 69 N
John Kimbrough vs. William Alston
Case 97
Entt Joseph Briant Bail
Executed by a damned Rogue & Bill not sufficient
F 70
Solomon Turvil vs. James Turvil
Ecd on 2 negroes
Negroes not worth a damn Cost exceeds the whole
W 71
William Roberts vs. John Howard
Plaintiff pays costs
P 72 W
Thomas Person vs. William Todd
Persons dead

1 With entries made by the Regulators.