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Letter from William Tryon to Robert Howe
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
January 28, 1771
Volume 08, Page 685

Newbern 28th January 1771.

Captain Robert Howe,

As the several warlike preparations making in Europe afford the strongest reasons to believe war may soon break out between Great Britain and some of the European powers, it becomes necessary for me to order you with all possible diligence to compleat the Establishment of men allowed by the last Session of Assembly to Garrison Fort Johnston, as well as forthwith to provide and lodge in the Magazine within the Fort the Ammunition voted last Session by the Legislature for the defence of the Province,—when such Provision is made and secured as above you will certify to me the particular quality and quantity of the Ammunition so furnished, and the amount of the expence, that I may give Drafts upon the Treasurer for the same. If any of the Cannon Carriages, or the Platforms on which they stand want repair, you will immediately order them to be put into good order, and place the Charges thereof to the Public. You will lose no time in training and well disciplining the men under your Command, and at all times keep the soldiers to a regular and punctual discharge of Garrison Duty.

The strength of the Main Guard and number of Centries, you will order at your discretion, until further Orders. If there is anything else that you think would tend to the further security or defence of the Fort, you will report them to me in your Returns.