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Letter from William Tryon to Edmund Fanning
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
February 02, 1771
Volume 08, Page 686

-------------------- page 686 --------------------

Newbern 2nd February 1771.

Colonel Edmund Fanning or in his absence to the Commanding Officer of the Orange Regiment of Militia,

Whereas many illegal and unwarrantable actions have been committed by the Insurgents of Orange County in defiance of all Civil Authority, I do hereby command you if upon any future occasion you have reason to expect the Insurgents intend further violence or opposition either to the Courts of Judicature, to the Sheriff or other Civil Officer in the collection of the Taxes or other discharge of their Duty, to raise such a Body of the Militia of your County as will be sufficient to protect the Courts or to aid and support the aforesaid Officers in the discharge of their respective Duties when by them required, as well as to oppose and repel all hostile attempts that may be made against the lives and Properties of the Inhabitants of the Town of Hillsborough and the Peace and good order of His Majesty's Government of this Province.

Notwithstanding the General Assembly is prorogued, in case you should find the Insurgents marching down to Newbern, you will observe and follow such Orders as I have given you in my letter bearing date the 26th of December 1770.