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Letter from William Tryon to Richard Henderson
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
February 07, 1771
Volume 08, Page 688

Newbern 7th Febry 1771.

Colonel Richard Henderson,

Having received information that the Insurgents intend beginning their march to Newbern on the 11th instant I do hereby command you to hold your Regiment in readiness, and when you find the Insurgents have actually set out, assemble as many men as you can to pursue, harrass and obstruct them either on their march or retreat, and when you find it necessary to repel force with force.

It will be necessary for you to load as many carriages with flour and to drive as many Steers as will furnish your Regiment with Provisions for three weeks at the rate of one pound of flour and one pound and a half of meat to each man per day, and to take up from the Stores as much Powder as will be sufficient to supply your Detachment at the rate of half a pound of powder and two pounds of lead or shot for each man, to satisfy the expence of which Provisions and ammunition I will give you a Draft on the Treasurers if occasion should require.

The proportion of Officers and Non Commission Officers for your Detachment, will be a Captain, Lieutenant and Ensign, two Serjeants, two Corporals and a Drummer to every fifty men.