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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Josiah Martin to Daniel Burton
Martin, Josiah, 1737-1786
June 20, 1772
Volume 09, Pages 304-305

[N. C. Letter Book. S. P. G.]
Governor Martin to the Secretary.

North Carolina Newbern June 20th 1772.

Reverend Sir,

I should be much wanting in justice to a most excellent and deserving character that has enjoyed the honorable patronage of the Society for the propagation of the Gospel if I did not stand forth to defend Mr. Thomlinson from any ill impressions that may be conceived of him on his dismission from the mastership of the public school in this Town which under his direction promised to become a Seminary of great utility and consequence.

Upon the strictest enquiry I find his character and conduct not only unimpeached but standing in the fairest light; and he has been discharged from the Mastership of the School through the caprice of a few of the Trustees who have an overruling influence in absurd resentment of his just moderate and necessary exertion of the authority of a pedagogue over their contumacious children.

The province Law under which this Institution was made vests the Trustees with power so absolute with respect to the dismission of Masters as to deprive me of every opportunity to redress this worthy and injured Gentleman I can therefore only lament the oppression

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he has felt in the most ungenerous requital made to his successful and indefatigable labours, and bear my testimony to the Society of his exemplary right conduct and good character. This Gentleman continues to officiate from a just regard to the duties of religion as Reader of this Parish, while the Rector is engaged near half the year in the remote parts of his wide parish; and acquits himself so admirably in that station that I cannot help wishing it may be seen consistent with the pious and laudable views of the Society to extend its bounty to him.

I herewith transmit to you an address subscribed by all the principal Inhabitants of this colony, in behalf of Mr. McCartney a clergyman established here, to be laid before the Society and the strong recommendations I have had of Mr Hobard Briggs another Clergyman of this Colony engage me to wish that the Society may extend the same bounty to him.

I shall with great cheerfulness cooperate with the Society upon every occasion, happy if it shall be in my power to promote its pious and laudable designs.

I am &c.