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Letter from Samuel Johnston to William Hooper
Johnston, Samuel, 1733-1816
April 05, 1774
Volume 09, Pages 968-969

[Reprinted from Jones's Defence of North Carolina, P. 124.]
Letter from Samuel Johnston to William Hooper.

April 5, 1774.

My Dear Sir,

Colonel Harvey and myself lodged last night with Colonel Buncombe, and as we sat up very late the conversation turned on Continental and provincial affairs. Colonel Harvey said during the night, that Mr Biggleston told him, that the Governor did not intend to convene another Assembly until he saw some chance of a better one than the last; and that he told the Secretary that then the people would convene one themselves. He was in a very violent mood, and declared he was for assembling a convention independent of the Governor, and urged upon us to co-operate with him. He says he will lead the way, and will issue handbills under his own name, and that the committee of correspondence ought to go to work at once. As for my own part, I do not know what better can be done. Without Courts to sustain the property and to exercise the talents of the Country, and the people alarmed and dissatisfied, we must do something to save ourselves. Colonel Harvey said he had mentioned the matter only to Willie Jones of Halifax, whom he had met the day before, and that he thought well of it, and promised to exert himself in its favor. I beg your friendly counsel and advice on the subject, and hope you will speak of it to Mr Harnett and Colonel Ashe, or any other such men. Colonel Harvey left us this morning, and I shall follow him in the course of a few days as far as Edenton,

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where if there is anything important stirring, you shall hear from me again.

My best respects to your family, and believe me

Your obedient servant