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Newspaper article from the Cape Fear Mercury concerning the actions of John Stuart
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August 07, 1775
Volume 09, Pages 1219-1220

By a letter from a Gentleman in Charlestown to his friend here, we are informed that the honourable John Stuart, the Superintendant of Indian affairs for the Southern district has actually been tampering with the Southern Indians to take up the hatchet against us. This has been proved on him, for which he fled to Georgia but a strong party has been sent after him who 'tis supposed will be

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fortunate enough to take him. Thus we see every engine is set to work, and every tool of a corrupt ministry employed to subjugate this once happy land. And shall there be found one American in aid to this horrid scheme? Forbid it Heaven and rouse the old Roman virtue found spontaneous in these regions to repel the force of wicked Tyrants who would level the world with their own base principles.