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Minutes of the Wilmington Committee of Safety
Wilmington (N.C.). Committee of Safety
August 11, 1775
Volume 10, Pages 157-158

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee at Wilmington.

Friday August 11, 1775.

At an occasional meeting of the Committee.

Present: Cornelius Harnett, Chairman; Adam Boyd, Thomas Devane, Timothy Bloodworth, Wm Campbell, John Forster, James Geekie, John DuBois, William Wilkinson, Francis Brice, James Blythe, John Ancrum.

On application made by John Giffard, from the Committee of Wake for a supply of Gunpowder.

Ordered, that the Committee of Intelligence write to the Committee of Wake, and acquaint them of our inability to supply them with Gunpowder at this time: that whenever we have any to spare they may depend on our assistance.

Whereas, this Committee has transmitted to the Committee of Cumberland, sundry papers that were thought necessary to be kept secret, and at the same time inclosed with them the opinion of this Committee and the Oath of Secrecy, which this Committee have

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reason to believe they have neglected, by which means the contents of the said papers have transpired.

Resolved, therefore, that this Committee cannot for the future transmit to the Committee of Cumberland, any papers of a secret nature, untill we are satisfied that the Oath of Secrecy has been taken by that Committee of Intelligence. Write to them accordingly.

Resolved, That Messrs. John Robeson, Wm Campbell and Wm Wilkinson, be appointed to collect and take into their possession all carriage guns and swivels, whether the property of the public or of private persons, for which they are to give such sufficient receipts as are necessary.