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Letter from William Purviance to Cornelius Harnett
Purviance, William
June 23, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 613-614

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letters from Captain Purviance to the Council of Safety.

Deep Inlet, Sunday Morning, June 23d, 1776.

Dear Sir,

On my retturn from New river I did myself the pleashure to forward you a Line by your boy to Inform you what I had then dun. I am hopefull from Expectations I have of Willey the Sargeant sent to Onslow added to what I have dun that the whole of the Company is nearly fild, on the Upper Station of deep inlett; is Engaged at this Day 18 men. It is hardly to be Expected I could goe on this service at this time without Graite trouble and Expense. Men to be raised without Bounty without advance or any Cloathing not even Blankets wh I am hopefull will be thought reasonable to allow for the security of the men in winter, add to this men who I had Grait hopes to raise out of my former Militia now left disgusted from not being paid nor their accounts allowed on wh one other Sircumstance stands against me in their sight. My being obliged to resign and Quit them to a person who I canot think fitt should I be inclined to perswaid them to the contrary, in the recruiting service 10s. is allowd the officer to defray his necessary Expense and enable him to appear more Chearfull to them by giving some small acknowledgement even in a Drink though I have it not well in my power yet it has not Ben omitted so far as I was able and indeed ought to be thought of for me. Midletons department is the only place where men are not to be had Easy so that the Ten from New river under Willey is intended for that place. Grait part is now on foot and Provetions Scearse I have sent to Doatey who will not act, no wonder when fresh Beef is not Less than 4d. to 6d. per ℔ and Flower in proportion so high and scearse that I am Certain adding the Cost & Expense of Carting down and Boating to the different Stations 12d. per Day will not supply them, in the meantime provetions not to be had on those very high terms without Cash and no provetion made for to enable me to purchass it makes the task very disagreeable. I know of no person this way willing to fill the vacancy Saive Mr Hostler a person Very Capable from his connections in the provetions way and his willingness to be near where I am. If he shd be apointed I am hopefull he will act, at present he

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has sent for me to Cross creek to procure 12 bls Porke 12 Ditt Flower and 50 Bushells Corn shd it come in a short time it will be off much Service. Mr Toomer has with Grait perswasion promised me the Lone of three hundred wt Bread and Two Barrels of porke as Mr Dunbibin goes with part of the New Hanover accounts I send Certificats of the Time the field Officers servd and it is my Earnest request youll take out the Certificat for me for the Cannon from Green and forward if there, if not doe Please to send a Line by Duvbibin for Green wh I'll forward to Newbern or where he lives the affidavats of Kings behaviour shall appear in a proper season—This day week when I was at New river in surch of Kings men the Cruizer who lyes at the New inlett sent her Tender and Ten men to sound Deep inlett on Board was John Kennedy & Mr Stevens the purser, on seeing sum persons on the Banks they sett off, shortly after that heavy Gale came on hope they have found their way to the Gulph Stream. I shall be very watchful of every post in my Charge and discharge that or any other Service to the public I am able to perform with much Cheerfullness whilst I have the Honour to be there and

Dear Sir Your Sincear Humbl Sert

P. S. I am hopefull the Council will make sum Provetions for the men in winter in Clothing or Blankets and that I may be allowed my Inlisting Expences, a Coppy of the act wh Constitutes those Companys I wish to see if convenient for you to forward will my swearing in my men be allowed as there is no majistrats this way shall be oblig'd to doe it alsoe how I am to conduct myself with Respect to Craft to Carry my men and provetions whether I shall purchas or Hyre pray inform me (mum) pray doe have Hostler apointed for though there is a loss at this time there may be sumthing made when provetions come in and he is to be concerned and myself, if he is not appointed Let it remain as it is, it will be Equall. New Hanover my heart is sore for your Situation wh I canot help who Could Blame me to resigne when I had such a Tyrant pushing me to be Broake and now threatens the Saime at Congress Because I did not Levey on Young George Moore who was in the first Draft, nevertheless I gave him his number and receipt wh he saved.