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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Griffith Rutherford to the North Carolina Council of Safety
Rutherford, Griffith, ca. 1721 - 1805
July 14, 1776
Volume 10, Page 669

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from General Griffith Rutherford to the Council of Safety about the Cherokees.

July ye 14th, 1776.

Honourable Gentelmen,

I am Under the Nessety of sending you by Express, the Allerming Condition, this Contry is in, the Indins is making Grate prograce, in Distroying & Murdering, in the frunteers of this County, 37 I am Informed was killed Last Wedensday & Thursday, on the Cuttaba River, I am also Informed that Colo McDowel 10 men more & 120 women & Children is Beshaged, in sume kind of a fort, & the Indins Round them, no help to them before yesterday, & they were surrounded on Wedensday. I Expect the Nex account to here, that they are all Distroyed. Colo Backmans is the frunter of this County, pray Gentelmen Consider oure Distress, send us Plenty of Powder & I Hope unde God, we of Salisbery District is able to stand them, but, if you allow us to Go to the Nation, I Expect, you Will order Hilisbourgh District, to Joyn Salisbery, three off oure Captans is kiled & one Wounded. This Day I set out with what men I Can Raise for the Relefe of the Distrest,

I am Gentelmen in hast
Youre Humble sert

P. S. I Cou'd wish you would sit at Hilisboury, that I Could send to you with more speed & you Could know of Case better.

G. R.