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Letter from Gideon Lamb to Richard Cogdell
Lamb, Gideon, 1741-1781
August 18, 1776
Volume 10, Page 750

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from Gideon Lamb to Colonel Richard Cogdell.

Wilmington, 18th Augst, 1776.


Having nothing meterial to inform you of except An Ingagement between the South Carolina Troops and Indians in Chief we have succeaded with the loss of one Captn and Two privates—the No of Indians killd is yet unknown, tho' we have totally defeted 'em there and Burnd up Two or three Indian Towns.

I have Recd a letter or Two from my Little Sun Abner which I do not Rightly Understd. If you find him Gilty of any thing that Deserves Correction I hope you'll not omitt it. I hope and desire you'll Use the same Authority over him that you would with your Owne—and if you find anything meterily Amiss in him I shall be obliged of you to Inform me of it. I am Dear Sir with very best wishes to yourself, spouse and family,

Yr Mo Obedient Humble Servt,
To Colo Cogdell.

P. S. If Abner should have A fancy to Come to see me you please furnish him with a Trifle for his Expences and suffer to Come—if he will Undertake to Come afoot—but by no means Suffer him to go to Pasquotank.

G. L.