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Letter from John Simpson to James Coor
Simpson, John, 1728-1788
October 03, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 833-834

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from Colonel John Simpson to James Coor.

Chatham, Octr 3d, 1776.

Dr Sir:

Yours of 30th Sep. & first Octr I recd on the Road. It gives me pleasure to hear of the success of the adventures in Trade & could wish there were more.

As to the Pensilvany Farmer the Council sent Orders by me which I have forwarded by Capt Stanley to Capt Hamstead, to sail imediately On a Cruize &ca. As to Mr Maxwell, Prisoner in Newbern, the Council have Liberated those who Take the State Oath & give Security accordg to circumstances for their Good Behavior, & in their opinion the several Committees have and may do the same (except capital offenders), they paying all charges. When I see you I will reimburse you the pay for my watch. I forgot to give it to Capt. Stanley. The Council by reason of sickness in Mr Thos Jones' & Jos. John Williams' family could not be kept siting for want the attendance of Members. We concluded to meet the 20th Inst. at Hallifax, if no Imediate call before. In That Case on an Express

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being sent by Mr President Wiley Jones on our Expence, we are to Meet Imediately, of which you take notice. You have sold your house I trust to your Mind. My Mill Dam is broke. I find this day that my attendance must be supplyd by you. Capt. Stanley was intending to Hallifax to wait on the Council for Leave to Export some staves in his Vessels, as he has Imported Warlike Stores, Salt, &c., & done his endeavour to Meet the Council for Leave, & the season farr advanced for the Importation of Salt, I think Mr Stanley is Intitled to any Indulgence given that way. The Commissioners mention in their Letter to Council that no Commission has issued for the Pensilvania Farmer. How that has happend I cannot acct for.