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Letter from Thomas Jones to James Iredell [Extract]
Jones, Thomas, d. 1797
July 23, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 1032-1033

Letter from Thomas Jones, Member of the Council of Safety, to James Iredell.

Halifax, 23rd July, 1776.

Dear Sir:—Your obliging favor, by Mr. Montfort, was delivered to me on my arrival here on Saturday morning last. ∗ ∗ ∗ And for public news, have nothing to mention but what you have heard

-------------------- page 1033 --------------------
long since from Charles Town, except the cruel Indian war brought about by the wicked and diabolical superintendent Cameron, who resides in the Over-Hill Cherokee towns. The Indians have already destroyed upwards of two hundred men, women and children. As this matter is perfectly ministerial, I hope a tory will never after this open his mouth in favor of the British government, which, of all governments on earth, I believe at this time is the most tyrannical and bloody.

With great regard, dear sir, &c.,

P. S. We have by this time a very large army on our Western frontiers, so that the Indians will find, very shortly, business enough upon their hands. The Council have been on this Indian business near three weeks past, and in three weeks more I hope it will be in my power to give you an account of our success in that quarter. We have our hands full—no sooner do we lay one devil but up starts another; but we shall prove too many for them all yet. I'll answer for it.