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Letter from Henry McCulloh to the Board of Trade of Great Britain
McCulloh, Henry, ca. 1700-1779
August 19, 1742
Volume 11, Pages 72-73

[B. P. R. O. So: Carolina. B. T. Vol: 12. g. 109.]

To the Right Honourable the Lords Commrs for Trade and Plantations.

19 Aug. 1742

May it please your Lordships.

I have herewith transmitted to your Lordships the Copy of a publick notice address'd (the 20th of March last) to all Gentlemen Freeholders and others to whom it may concern in the Province of North Carolina which will inform your Lordships pretty clearly of the nature of the disputes which subsists in relation to what the

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people in Albemarle County claim in right of their Grand Deed and also as it relates to such as claim Lands in right of Patents granted by Sir Richard Everard during the time the Land Office was shutt up in pursuance of orders given by the late Lords Proprietors in the years 1716 & 1718. I apprehend that the Terms offered under the said notice would very readily be accepted of by the Planters if it was not that they have imbibed a strong opinion that the Governor will be able to procure them as good Terms as those they had under the late Quit rent Law and that many of them have an opinion that as they comply'd with the Terms of the late Quit rent Law in regestering their Grants: that tho' the Law is repealed yet nevertheless they are thereby confirmed in their possessions and what still confirms them the more in this way of thinking is That after the Governor had notice of the Repeal of the Quit rent Law he passed an Act Entitled An Act to enlarge the time for enrolling of Lands in the Auditor's Office and proving the Quiet possession of lands for twenty years past and upwards. This Act differs greatly from the Title given to it and in most respects (in the opinion of the Lawyers of this Province) confirms such Acts as were done under the late Quit Rent Law. The Officers of the Crown in this Province have not plainly refused to do their duty as Hammerton has done in South Carolina but hitherto they have given such affected delays under many Pretences that I cannot prevail on them to give me any regular state of the Grants & Quitrents Therefore I apprehend it to be for His Majesty's service that I should remain inactive untill your Lordships pleasure is Known in relation to the Representation I did myself the Honour to transmitt to your Lordships in November last.

I am
May it please your Lordships
your Lordsps most obliged and
most obedient
humble servant

Wilmington Cape Fear
North Carolina 19th Augst 1742.


Recd Febry ye 3d 174⅔

Read June 31st 174⅔

G. 109.