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Letter from Edward Carrington to Horatio Gates
Carrington, Edward, 1749-1810
October 14, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 695-696


Taylor's Ferry, Octo. 14, 1780.

Dr. Genl.:

Yours of the 11, for Arms & the 4 lb. Shott, I was honored with yesterday. I have sent by the Waggons which Attended it

-------------------- page 696 --------------------
all the Arms we had here, amounting to 12 Boxes, estimated at 440 Stands. When those arms left Richmond it was supposed they were to re-arm the Men who had thrown away their Arms in the defeat, &, as it was supposed they had not lost their Cartridge Boxes, none were sent with those Arms, as there were not enough of them for the Arms in Store at Richmond, & it was expected they would not be necessary, with those sent on to this place; the Arms, therefore, now come without Cartridge Boxes. I shall have them sent from Richmond immediately on my getting them, if there are any there. I have also sent 50 round Shott & fifty Grape for the four pounder, with a like number of Blank flannel Cartridges. The Balance we had here, being very few, are retained for the pieces here.

Major Anderson also forwards a Waggon load of Bacon & 288 Camp Kettles.

I am just setting off for Richmond, from which place I shall write as soon as I arrive.

I have the Honor to be,
With much respect, &c.,
Yr. Mo. Obt.,

P. S. A Brigade of Waggons will arrive here to day, that I am told are ordered to proceed to Hilsborough. I hope they have the Axes & Artificers' Tools.