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Letter from John Mazerett to Horatio Gates
Mazerett, John
November 02, 1780
Volume 14, Page 724

-------------------- page 724 --------------------

Hillsborough, November 2, 1780.


With grate deal of difficulty I at last have executed your orders. Receiving no Assistance From those Gentlemen Caled the bord of war, it's my Opinion they be Caled the useless bord. I am Hartly sorry to inform you that I have Recd. no Kind of Clothing from Virginia, and was under the disagreeable necessity of sending on the men almost start naked or disobeyd your orders. I intially troust to your goodness for an equal portion of the Clothing now Coming on. I am Now indeavouring to fitt the two pieces Remaining at this place in a better maner than those Now Coming On, for their is a Grate deficiency In them. Genl. Stevens has promised his Assistance to have them put in better Order at Salbary. I am Once more at this disagreeable Station left to myself, and shall be the same Untill I have the Pleasure of hearing from you.

Dear Genl., I am,
With Grate and Censare Esteem,
Your most Obedient Servent,
Majr. Gel. Gates.