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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from John Baptist Ashe to Jethro Sumner
Ashe, John Baptista, 1748-1802
April 19, 1781
Volume 15, Page 443

-------------------- page 443 --------------------

Halifax, April 19th, 1781.

Dr. Sir:

Last night Late, I returned home, from Cape Fear. Received your Letter and Instructions, shall pay particular attention to them, and as Manutely comply.

Major Eaton has command in Camp of those returned for the War, by Gl. Jones.

I shall order Captain Madireis to Smith Field and will write to those Officers of my Regt. at & about X. Creek. Some of them I will order to Joine Captain Medireis, and the rest to Hallifax.

You will oblige the new appointed officers by sending their Certificates as they are desirous of having them before they take command. I will again give you their names, Viz: John Will, Thos. Lloyd James Moore & Wm. Ashe Lieutenants; Cincinatus Ashe and Job House Ensigns—all of the first Regt. There are four of these Gentlemen, I will undertake to recommend as sensible and meritorious as any ever raised in this State my two Kinsmen I shall say nothing of but am very sanguine. Ned is very ( . . . . . . ), he begs your approbation of getting Enoculated, the Small pox is at Doctor Pastiures. Be pleased to let me hear from you on the subject of Ned's getting Enocd. and inclose me the Certificates. Am Dr. Sir, yrs.,


Cornwallis is at Wilmington with all his troops. Arnold is going up Potomac supposed to destroy Hunters Iron Forge, my Father is on his way to become your neighbour. Did you not tell me ( . . . . . . ) house not far from the old C. H. that I might ( . . . . . . ) a Friend do ( . . . . . . . ) I have one much distressed.