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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Return of ammunition at Harrisburg
Potts, Joshua
June 01, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 485-486

The following is an Acct. of Stores deposited at Harrisburg, 40 Miles E. N. E. of Hillsborough left there June 1st, 1781, by Joshua Potts, A. D. Q. M.


8 large Barrels Gun Powder (the size of a Pork Barrel.)
34 middle sized ditto
36 small ditto
6 Broken Middle sized ditto
3 ditto small ditto
20 Cartridge Boxes Ammunition (painted red.)
1 Ditto No 5, 110 Doz'n 19.
2 ditto each 90, 180 ditto 19.
1 ditto 115 ditto 19.
1 ditto 117 ditto 19.
3 ditto Broken.
-------------------- page 486 --------------------
1,000 lbs. Bar Iron.
4 Hhds. Rum, all full.
50 Gallons ditto, part of a Hhd. and other Articles of small Value, left in Care of

Battle Birdsong, A. D. Q. M.

Also 3 Pigs Lead was found there by

J. P.

N. B. The Above was part of the Stores conveyed from Halifax and lodged at Harrisburg, as the Waggons returned.