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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from William Linton to Thomas Burke
Linton, William
July 12, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 526-527


July 12th, 1781.


I am Very Sorry to be Troublesome or to ask anything thats not Consistent with your Duty of Captn. Genl. and Commander in Chief of the State of North Carolina; But I hope your Excellency dont loock on me as a Chrimmenal; should your Excellency not loock on me in this light I hope he will Grant me the Indulgence of going to Camp under a guard, and to return when ever you may think proper. I have some business in Camp that I would wish to Settle before I am remov'd from this perhaps into a Closer Confinement. Likewise all General Jones Baggage and my own is there, only now under the Cear of a Molatto boy; if your Excellency thinks proper to Indulge me thus far Captn. Lightfoot will take

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Charge of the Guards and se me saif Delivered up again when you think proper he will also see I am kept under a guard when in Camp.

I am your Excl. most obedient and very hum. Servt.,
His Excellcy., Govr. Burke.