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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Advertisement by Thomas Robeson concerning recruitment of troops in Bladen County
Robeson, Thomas
March 16, 1779
Volume 15, Pages 737-738


March 16, 1779.


Agreeable to an Express from the Governor Recd. this Day ordering a General Muster To raise Thirty Six Men & one Capt. from the County as Volinters or Draft for to March to the Aid of South Carolina and Georgia, I therefore Notice & Warn, all the men belonging to the regiment of Bladen Liable to bear arms to appear at Elizabeth Town on the 29 Day of this instant & march by Ten O'Clock to a General Muster with their Arms & Accutrement agreeable to Law. Where I am Authorized to offer a bounty of three hundred Dollars to such able bodyed men as will enter for three Months

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after Leaving this State & one Dollar per Day & a Gill of Spirits for rashins, a Sergeant 12/ a Corporal, Drummer & Fifer 10/ per Day. Thos. Robeson, Colo.

& also I request that all the Nine Months men that has not yet gone or been Discharged to appear in order to March, & also all the last Drafts that has Not been Discharged by the General or found an able bodied man in his room to appear & March, otherwise to be sent under Guard, & to apprehend all Deserters that they serve their time, & all on furlow to March Likewise.