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Letter from Hugh Tinnin to Thomas Burke
Tinnin, Hugh
March 13, 1782
Volume 16, Page 229

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Eno, March 13th, 1782.

Dear Sir:

After my compliments to you I will just inform you that our election is over, but I have not heard who was elected.

Fanning is still about. Last week a woman was murdered by him or some of his party.

I have heard nothing from the Southward of late, only a flying report of a cessation of Arms for six months.

I am at this time necessitated to send to you for about twenty-five blank Commissions, for the present officers are without them and do not care to act without them.

For instance, in the last Draft a certain Captain was drafted anp he refused to serve without he had a Commission, for he knew at the time that there could be none got.

If you will send them up as soon as possible you will much oblige

Your friend and Hum. Servt.,