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Letter from Thomas Brown to John Alexander Lillington
Brown, Thomas, 1744-1811
March 24, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 245-246

[From Executive Letter Book.]

March 24th, 1782.

Dear General:

I have just received yours in relation to a return of my Regiment and likewise a return of the Drafts, agreeable to Law, which I will send you as soon as it is in my power to get it.

But, Sir, is it not exceeding hard upon the good men in this County that they should be drafted and taken from a place where they are so much wanted? As it is with the greatest difficulty that we keep the Tories from plundering and murdering us even in our own houses. Every man back of us has been under arms against us, and we are rather loth to put much dependence on them.

I have this day received a letter from Colonel Young, with a letter from Colonel Leonard inclosed, which I make not the least doubt that you have been made sensible of the contents of, in relation to the movements of the Tories in the South, but I know nothing in particular that they have done but calling musters at time and small parties come in the night and plunder and distress the inhabitants,

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and perhaps the next morning in the South where they are protected.

I wish, Sir, you would take our situation under your consideration and station a Company of Horse in the South Line, as this County is almost worried to death. What with the Tories and collecting of Cattle and Horses for our Southern Army, and in hopes of some relief.

I am, Dear General,
With my greatest respect,
Your Humble Servant,