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Letter from John Alexander Lillington to James Kenan
Lillington, John Alexander, 1720s-1786
March 27, 1782
Volume 16, Page 250

[From Executive Letter Book.]

27th March, 1782.

Dear Sir:

On my arrival home last night I received a letter from Colonel Young with a copy of a letter from Colonel Leonard informing him that the Tories to the number of five hundred embodied on the Wacamaw River and have sent parties into Brunswick County, stealing horses and threatening to plunder Wilmington and will not suffer cattle to be driven to General Greene’s Camp. You will therefore lose no time in embodying one hundred and fifty men of your County, and when you have them collected you will send me an Express.

You will see that they are well armed. I wish you to postpone your going to the Assembly for a few days as there is no telling what assistance they may have from Charlestown.

Colonel Brown informs me that the Tories are very bad in Bladen. They are frequently calling musters, &c.

A Flag is arrived in Wilmington from South Carolina with George Hooper, Clorton and Brice.

I wish to hear from you as soon as possible.

I am, Sir, &c.,