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Report concerning supplies for the troops from Edenton merchants
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January 09, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 495-496

(Enclosed in Martin’s Letter to Burke of Jan. 31st, 1782.)

January 9, 1782.
Josiah Collins
2 Pieces of Bath Coating, 2 bbls. of Sugar, ½ doz. of worsted Stockings, one Hogsd. of Rum.
Nath. Allen
1000 lbs. Sugar, 2 doz. worsted Stockings.
Charles Johnson
1 doz. Worstd. Hose, 1 piece of Kendal Cottons, 12 Blankets, 1 piece of Linen, 1 piece of coarse Woolen Cloth 7½.
Smith, Bell & Co.
61 knaps Coating, 130 yds. Oznabrigs, 15 ruffled Shirts, 9 pair thread Stockings, 6 Blankets, 4 lbs. of oz. thread.
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Boyd and Bennet
1 Hogshd. French Brandy, 1 pr. of white Linnen & one Doz. Soldier’s Jackets.
T. Mare
Some coarse Linnens.
Tine & Lot
6 Pieces of Linnen.
Francis Hardy
Two Bags of Coffee, 20 Bushels of Salt.
Wm. Savage
3 Pieces of Duffil, 1 pr. dark blue Coating, 1 p. of 100 yds. of Oznas, 1 p. of white Linnen, 4 lbs. coarse Thread.
Webb & Bryer
3 pieces of Linnen, 4 lbs. of Thread, 2 p. of Coating, 1 doz. Worstd. Stockings.
Wm. Borritz
3 Pieces of Irish Linnen.