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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Estimate of costs the transportation of supplies for the troops
Long, Nicholas, ca. 1726-1797
March 12, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 539-540

Halifax, March 12th, 1782.

An Estimates of Contracts made for Transportation of Stores, which Sums, at least, are now respectively due the Several Persons hereafter Mentioned, Vizt:

Josiah Crump, for use of his Boat employed at sundry Times to Transport Stores, &c.
£100 Specie.
Thomas Tullock, for the Freight of his Boat for above mentioned Purposes.
Hendrie, Muir & Co., for the use of their Boat for like Purposes as above mentioned.
James Jennett, of Edenton, Freight of Stores, (Salt, Rum, Sugar, &c., procured by Alexander Martin, Esquire, for the use of Southern Army) Sent by Water to George Town, South Carolina. Special Contract.
Amt. due,
∗ Specie yet required for Transportation of Stores.
Specie to purchase 20 Reams Writing Paper, chiefly for the use of the Southern Army.
-------------------- page 540 --------------------
The Best for the Quarter Master’s Department @£6.
Ditto to furnish Expresses on Business of the Continent.
Amount soon required.
Total Amount.
∗ Postponed for more particular Estimate.
D. Q. M.
His Excellency,
Governor Burke.