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Letter from William McClure to Jethro Sumner
McClure, William
June 28, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 625-626


New Bern, June 28th, 1782.

Dear General:

I am exceeding sorry to find both by report and a letter to Major Blount, that you are impressed with an unfavorable idea of my Conduct. I have to the utmost of my power endeavoured by every opportunity to satisfy you concerning my delay. This is the fifth letter I have sent to you upon the Subject. I have always informed you of my indisposition, which has been the chief cause of detaining me. I am now better than I have been for some time past, but am still in a bad state of health, which would by no means bear the fatigue of a campaign. If I find that my constitution will bear

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it, I will be ready to join the army with the troops that are now to be raised. But if my cough, & other complaints still continue, it will be better for me to resign at once than to run the risque of shortening my days.

I expect to see you about a month hence.

I am Sir, with the utmost respect,
Your most Obdt. & hum. servt.,