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Circular letter from Alexander Martin to the Brigadier Generals of the North Carolina Militia
Martin, Alexander, 1740-1807
August 20, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 705-706

[From Executive Letter Book.]

August 20th, 1782.



The minister plenipotentiary of his most Christian Majesty having announced to the United States in Congress at a public audience the Birth of a Dauphin of France; and the same agreeably to their

-------------------- page 706 --------------------
order having also been communicated to me by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, a Copy of whose Letter I do myself the pleasure to enclose you.

That the good Citizens of this State in your District may partake in the universal joy on this occasion, you will please to order a meeting of all the field officers together with as many Militia Men in your District, at such time and place you shall judge proper and convenient, to whom you will cause to be notified the purport of the occasion, after which you will order thirteen discharges of cannon, and show such further demonstrations of Joy, which your politeness, knowledge in Etiquette and decorum will please to direct, on such an auspicious event, that “nearly concerns the happiness of our generous and illustrious Ally and the future interests of his Kingdom,” to whose timely interposition under God, these United States were rescued from British domination and permitted to enjoy in a great measure their present political existence.

I am Sir, &c.,