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Letter from Alexander Martin to Isaac Gregory
Martin, Alexander, 1740-1807
August 29, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 706-707

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Hillsborough, August 29th, 1782.


I am acquainted by General Jones that the enemy have lately attempted to distress the trade of Edenton District, by some Galleys in the Bay; and in all probability will continue to do the same with armed Vessels unless protection is afforded.

What I predicted and early cautioned you of is come to pass; but the Merchants of Edenton, whom you were to consult on this business, you informed me, suggested the expense would be too great for the plan of defence I wished them to prosecute. They however by General Jones solicit information at this time, what then was thought not necessary. You will Sir, in consequence of the above please to consult the Gentlemen what Vessels they desire to be armed. You will order such public Cannon suitable thereto as are

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in Edenton, on Board, and immediately order Draughts of the Militia of the said District as will be sufficient to man them; at the same time directing the Superintendent Commissioner of the District, or the County Commissioners of provision Supplies in my name to support them for such time you shall judge necessary for the Service. From the present bright prospects of Peace perhaps Vessels may be hired; which I particularly recommend for the purpose. The service I flatter myself will be of short duration and I will grant warrants on the Treasury in Specie for the hire and other necessaries without the Vessels can be purchased very low indeed which I submit to you. The quickest exertions must be used to protect the homeward bound fleet.

I am yours, &c.,