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Letter from Samuel Johnston to Thomas Burke
Johnston, Samuel, 1733-1816
August 09, 1783
Volume 16, Pages 970-971


Hayes, August 9th, 1783.

Dear Sir:

I have not till this day had an opportunity of acknowledging your favour by Mr. Benbury’s Servant. If I could prevail on myself to believe any publick advantage could arise from my Attendance at the next Session of Assembly I would very readily make the Sacrifice you propose, but as it will in all probability be many days after the day appointed for the meeting before there will be a House, it will be soon enough for me to determine on the propriety of my coming up when I meet the Gentlemen from Hillsborough Court at Halifax who will be able to inform me of the probability of there being a House to proceed to business, at any rate I should promise myself very little from attending part of a Session or even a whole one. To set our Affairs right must be a work of time.

I do not think it regular to take out another Execution before the first is returned, for which reason I have not applied for one.

There is not any account of the Ratification of the Definitive Treaty, tho’ it is expected to have taken place. You will have heard that Congress have removed to PrinceTown in the Jerseys and their Motive for this measure, the Executive Council of Pennsylvania having refused to take any measures to protect them against the Insolence of some Soldiers of that Line. Their conduct is variously represented some considering it as savouring more of childish Petulance than dignified Resentment while others think they could not consistent with the Dignity of the United States with which they were intrusted have Acted otherwise. We begin here to droop under the diseases incident to the Climate at this Season, few Families who have not some reason to complain. Except my youngest, my Family

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is pretty well. Mrs. Johnston joins with me in compliments to you and Mrs. Burke. With best wishes for the health of little Miss I am Dear Sir,

Most sincerely yours,