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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Archibald Maclaine to George Hooper
Maclaine, Archibald, 1728-1790
October 13, 1783
Volume 16, Pages 986-987


13th Oct, 1783.

Dear Sir:

I am just now departing from this place for Hillsborough but I cannot go off without acknowledging yours of the second & 9th inst. with the receipt of the things by Dickerson.

Mr. London will I suppose write you. He is returned and all is peace and quietness at present. I think it will continue so, as I am persuaded that Walker cannot prevail upon people to risque their own safety by carrying his schemes into execution.

I am sorry your certificate will not answer every purpose which you proposed by it. Not much better indeed could be expected from Governor Martin’s unnecessary insertion, the effect of timidity and a pursuit of popularity. But is he altogether to blame? Is the executive power of S. Carolina consistent? Or has the legislature made any new regulations? Mr. London has been admitted without any certificate. All that was required of you, was a certificate that you were not affected by banishment or confiscation. You have that certificate, though it is clogged with extraneous matter, which certainly has no good effect.

Should you meet with any tolerable wine, such as Lisbon or Sherry, which may be had without inconvenience, I should be glad of a cask by the Superior court.

-------------------- page 987 --------------------

Mr. Burgwin writes me desiring my commands to any extent within his power. I know this is intended for my private use; but besides that I do not choose to take the advantage of a generosity which appears to have no bounds, & knowing that he is the person greatly obliged, I wish to confine myself to what I call necessaries, & therefore have not troubled him for anything but trifles.

You may be assured that a connection with C. J. will be of very short continuance, if Messrs. L. & A. are to decide, & the latter has full powers in that respect already. I suppose however that Mr. London will be explicit.

Love to all with you.