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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Richard Caswell to William Caswell
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
April 27, 1784
Volume 17, Pages 138-139


Hillsboro', 27 April, 1784.

Dear Son:

I have written you twice since I came here & recd. from you a Letter by Capt. Craddock since which I have no Accots. from Kingston or its neighbourhood.

The Assembly has been sitting since Monday was a Week, a Grand Committee has been appointed to take under Consideration public Dispatches & informations also to report the Bills, of a public Nature, necessary to be passed into Laws. They have made few Reports yet. We have a very full representation, about 100 Members of the House of Commons & 46 of the Senate. Disputes will run high respecting thc return of Loyalists, refugees, &c. A Governor is to be elected on Monday next, Govr. Martin, Mr. Johnston & myself were put in Nomination, Mr. Johnston has declined and I shall do the same before the day of election. The Assembly mean to fix the Governor's Salary before the election, a Bill is now before them, it will be reduced to 7 or 800£, I expect the Comptroller's will be reduced in proportion, if it is, I shall resign, and then be at Liberty to follow my own pursuits, in which case, I think to visit the Western Waters. Comrs. from Georgia are to be at the Long Island of Holston

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the 15th of June to proceed down to the Tennessee & settle the Claim of Wm. Blount & Com. to that Territory. I should be willing, if able, to Attend them. They will go by Kentucky & Cumberland and I might not only see those Countries but also, return from the Bend by way of Chichamaga & the old Cherokee Towns to the Long Islands, where I might be able to settle the little disputes we have about Lands in that Country, but these, you will say, are mere visionary prospects & will Soon be Obliterated from the mind, may be so. I can do nothing about Tower Hill or Kinston for want of the Laws, if you can possibly get Copys of those two Laws Attested, the former, by the Secretary, pray Transmit them to me. Mr. Williamson & Mr. Spaight are Continued Members of Congress two others are to be Chosen, Messrs. Nash, Person, Parson Boyd, Cumming, Bloodworth, Irwin, &c., are talked of, but no nomination in the Assembly has taken place. Much talk about the seat of Government, I believe if its Attempted Fayetteville, Tarboro & this place will be in nomination.

I have written to your Mother & Capt. Child by this conveyance. I hope you & Gatsey are well. I begin to be uneasy on her Accot. & Shall be glad to hear from you respecting her. Remember me to your Brother & Polly, tell him he may Spare a few minutes to give me a line. I have now exhausted my Spare Time as well as the Subjects on which I have written. My sincerest Love Attends you all from

My dear Son, Your ever Affect.,
B. G. Caswell.