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Letter from Richard Caswell to William Caswell
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
May 03, 1784
Volume 17, Pages 139-140


Hillsboro', 3d May, 1784.

Dear Son:

Your favor of the 27th Ulto. I received two days ago by Capt. Hearon. He I am told is to set out on his return this morning. I therefore intend this by him. I rejoice to hear all are well in and about Kingston & I hope they continue so. If my Brother Ben's wife

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dies his loss will be much to be consoled as his Family will thereby be greatly distressed.

There is not any probability of your Lands selling to the Westward, most of the Settlers in that part of the Country its said, are going down the Tennessee & to Cumberland. Certificates are selling there from 2/ to 3/ in the pound, so that you will not have any expectations of yours being sold. The Members of the Cincinati are chiefly gone from this (infernal) place and few people except the Inhabitants, the Members of the Assembly and the Attendants thereon are to be seen. I live at Mr. W—t's, the House where the Senate sat when you was here and Occupy Coll. Fanning's office & Sleep there in quietness, but we have wretched living.

This day, I expect, we begin on Business of importance, preparatory steps only have been hitherto taken; the Grand Committee reported on Saturday last Sundry Bills of a Public nature as necessary to be brought in & Passed into Laws, among them, one favorable to Refugees, Banished men, &c. The reports were generally concurred with in both Houses, except that respecting refugees, &c., founded on the fifth Article of the Peace which was rejected. The Gentlemen who were favorable to that report are viewed by a large Majority as unfriendly. How these matters will end Time will discover.

I wrote you to procure me copies of the Tower Hill Law & that for establishing Kingston, the former I still want, but the latter I have obtained, have drawn a Bill & it will be presented in a Day or two, for amending the Kingston Act. From all appearances I think we shall not leave this till June. New modes of Courts, Court Laws & Judges are much talked of as well as fixing the Seat of Government. Tarboro' & Fayetteville seem, at present, to have the advantage & will be opposed to each other.

I shall be glad to hear from you on all Occasions, and as occurrences may happen, and particularly, one that is most dear to you, to whom as well as yourself, my sincere affection is presented.

I am Dr. son Your Affect. Father,
Wm. Caswell, Esqr.