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Letter from Richard Caswell to William Caswell
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
May 23, 1784
Volume 17, Pages 142-144


Hillsboro', 23d May, 1784.

Dear Son:

Your Letters by Collins & Peoples I recd. but the former first. I have been and still am much distressed for you & your Dear Gatsey tho' before this I hope you are both relieved from the Anxiety and Pain incident to the late Situation, but this is Bearly hope in me & 'tis likely will remain so 'till my Arrival in Dobbs. I have been very much Distressed on another Accot., the very day I wrote you

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by Capt. Hearson I was Seized with my old disorder of a Giddiness in the head which I could not in a Croud, throw off in my former way by frequent puking, which has Occasioned very frequent returns & Violent pains in my head which I have endured rather than take Tarter, the only Emetic I could procure here this I shall without an unusual Attack continue to suffer until I leave this Detested place, which may happen this day week, before I am almost certain it cannot as the most material Business is by no means finished. It would be endless to go into a Detail of the business which is & has been before the Assembly, let it for the present suffice, that I inform you, a Bill for ceding all the Western Territory in this State beyond the Appelachean Mountains to Congress for the purpose of defraying a part of the expences of the War & to enable them to establish New State or States, has been much debated Particularly in the Commons, it hath however been twice read in each House but 'tis much Doubted whether it will pass, a Bill for laying Duties on Imports Agreeable to recommendation of Congress for the use of the United States & another for the same purpose to the use of this State, a Court Bill, inspection Bill, Bill for Expulsion of Tories, with several others of Consequence and many small Bills are yet but under way and the most Sanguine do not expect to leave this in less than a Week & some think it will be a fortnight first, be it as it may I suppose I shall be among the last, as a very great deal of Business in my Office is before me & will not be Compleated as long as any of these People remain here. Colo. Exum has promised to send a Boy with this, he was last night again Chosen Treasurer, all the old ones are Continued except Colo. Lanier who declined serving, in his place is Wm. Locke a Son of the General. Nat. Macon, P. Hawkins, Sen., Robert Burton, Jas. Sanders, Thos. Polk, Robert Bignall & Thos. Eaton are Counsellors. R. D. Spaight, John Sitgreaves; Thos. Person, Ben Smith & Adlai Osborne are elected Delegates; the 2d Monday in October the next meeting of Assembly the place not fixed; a Joint Ballot was last night had, 141 Voters, Majority of Course 71. when Hillsboro' had 69 & Newbern 65. I suppose we shall try again tomorrow, but 'twill be very Close Pushing & according to the phrase this place will be hard pushed, but I fear it will carry it, much has been done towards fixing the Seat of Government but a few Neuse Men have hitherto put a Stop to it. Tarboro was within
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three of a Majority once in three Times Voting. Fayetteville was in Competition. We had for Smithfield in the Course of the Three times polling 18, 13 & 17 which effectually has yet stopped their farther progress, indeed I do not know if it will be again attempted. I do not expect to give up my appointment, they Seem more disposed to add to the business of my office than diminish it, of Course I shall want my office done pray speak to Mr. Coart to get the plank down and to Mr. Cobb to have my Bill finished sawing if it is not done. I hope to see you 1st June. Mean Time my love Attends you & yours.

I am your Affect.,
Wm. Caswell, Esq.